The 5 D’s of “Political Dodgeball”:  Dodge, Distract, Deflect, Duck, and umm, Dodge

Written By:  Arnie J Olsen  11/7/2019

People on both sides have been talking for nearly 3 years now about Russian influence on our 2016 election, it was a major focus of the Mueller Report, and every one of our intelligence agencies have both stated it was rampant in the lead up to 2016, and it is ongoing right now.  Usually, the comments made by my Trump supporting friends on the topic include some form of denial that they were influenced one bit when they chose to support him.  Everyone swears that they were not influenced by social media at all.

Two days ago, on November 5th, in the midst of a 150+ comment discussion of an unrelated topic (Rand Paul’s calling for the media to release the name of the Ukraine whistle blower the night before), a Trump supporting Facebook friend dropped a link to a Project Veritas report including the now somewhat infamous ABC News leaked video, in which Amy Robach was shown ranting about how she had the whole Jeffrey Epstein story 3 years ago, but the story had been killed.

At the time, I wrote it off, not because it wasn’t an interesting story, but because it had literally NOTHING to do with the discussion we were all in the midst of.  Interestingly, though, the original conversation essentially ceased at that point, when the other Trump supporting Facebook friend who had been the main contributor to the discussion began commenting on Epstein and the leaked ABC News video, and no longer focusing on the original topic, and within a few comments, the whole conversation was over.

Honestly, I did not think much more about it until the next day, November 6th, late evening to be exact.  After all, especially with regard to the person who dropped that Project Veritas link into the comments, as a vocal Trump critic, I am obviously used to tangential arguments and totally unrelated information being thrown into the midst of a conversation about the latest Trump drama, so on the surface, this really appeared no different.  Usually, it comes in some form of “whataboutism” and a reference to Uranium One or Hillary’s emails, and the ever present catch all of “both sides are corrupt/both sides do it”.

Last night, November 6th, more than 24 hours after the ABC News story being dropped out of context and seemingly out of nowhere, something caught my attention.  The active conversations had more or less stopped for the day, and as I was preparing to go to bed myself, I was just scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and I began to notice that it seemed about every third post was some meme about Epstein’s death (usually humorous, and usually implicating the Clintons), links to Breitbart’s story about Project Veritas’ story about ABC News killing the Epstein story, direct links to the Project Veritas video, or something.  Since I do not block, unfriend or hide my Trump supporting friends on Facebook as a personal rule, I often see a lot of stuff I don’t agree with, but it is usually quite random.  Last night was different…there was only one theme showing up over and over again…all Epstein, all the time, and in reality, even many of my more liberal friends were sharing humorous memes on the subject.

Among other things, since the Jeffrey Epstein situation allegedly involves people from all over the board of political leanings, of course the memes have had a partisan theme as well, either implicating Clinton and Prince Andrew or implicating Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz, but they are ALL centered on Jeffrey Epstein.

I couldn’t help but keep thinking about what I had seen overnight, and into this morning, and I began to connect the dots, so please bear with me for a moment, I will get to my theory in a moment, but first, I need to create a little timeline to put it all in context.

  • 2005 – 2008:  Original investigation, indictment and trial/negotiation for Jeffrey Epstein.
  • 2014 – 2019:  Multiple civil lawsuits (10 total) brought against Jeffrey Epstein(and later his estate) by different victims and interested parties.
  • November 28, 2018:  Reports began appearing from the Miami Herald and picked up by many other media outlets regarding a sweetheart non-prosecution agreement that Jeffrey Epstein had received from current Labor Secretary (and former Miami based US Attorney) Alex Acosta 10 years earlier.
  • July 6, 2019:  Jeffrey Epstein arrested on new sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex charges, and case is assigned to SDNY’s Public Corruption Unit, indicating that this may turn into an investigation covering the involvement of other powerful, public figures.
  • July 8, 2019:  Jeffrey Epstein is officially charged with the above crimes.
  • July 12, 2019:  Alex Acosta resigns as Secretary of Labor.
  • July 18, 2019:  Epstein bail request denied.
  • July 23, 2019:  Epstein found injured and semi-conscious in his cell.  Injuries are consistent with either a suicide attempt, or an assault.  His cellmate at the time was a former NYC police officer being held on 4 counts of murder.
  • August 10, 2019:Epstein found dead in his cell.  Attorney General Barr issues statement DOJ will investigate death.
  • August 11, 2019:  Epstein autopsy performed.
  • August 16, 2019:  NYC Medical Examiner rules death a suicide.
  • August 23, 2019:  Preliminary investigation into Epstein opened in France.
  • August 29, 2019:  U.S. case against Epstein closed.
  • October 22, 2019:  Ambassador Bill Taylor testifies that the quid pro quo definitely occurred.
  • October 23, 2019:  Republican Congressmen, including many who were actually among the 47 Republicans included in the depositions based on their committee assignments storm the SCIF in violation of national security and House rules, to have a pizza party and publicity stunt hogging all the headlines of the day.
  • October 29, 2019:  Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman deposition to House Impeachment Inquiry Committees, including statements indicating that significant details were purposely omitted from Ukraine call transcript.
  • October 29. 2019:  House Democrats announce a formal impeachment inquiry vote will be held on October 31st.
  • October 30, 2019:  Independent pathologist, hired by the Epstein estate, who DID observe the August 11th autopsy, issues an opinion that the findings were more consistent with “homicidal strangulation” than suicide.

NOTE:  This independent pathologist observed the actual autopsy performed back on August 11th, and in spite of the official autopsy report being released by the NYC Medical Examiner on August 16th, the independent pathologist did not release their statement contradicting the official finding for 6 more weeks, on October 30th.

  • November 5, 2019:  Democrats release transcripts of two key witness depositions, including Kurt Volker and the revised transcript of Gordon Sondland following him revising his testimony to say there WAS a definite quid pro quo involving Trump and Ukraine.
  • November 5, 2019:  Project Veritas publishes video of ABC’s Amy Robach complaining about how she had the whole Epstein story 3 years earlier, and it was killed by ABC executives, possibly in response to the British royal family applying pressure because it included accusations against Prince Andrew.

NOTE:  The Project Veritas video was actually shot in late August, 2019, so this story has been kept under wraps for roughly 2 ½ months.

  • November 5th, 2019:  Project Veritas story is picked up by Breitbart and Fox News, and amplified across conservative media.
  • November 6, 2019:  Bill Taylor Transcript released, further supporting original whistle blower complaint and further implicating Trump, Pompeo and Giuliani.
  • November 6, 2019:  Schedule of public impeachment hearings announced by House Democrats.
  • November 6, 2019:  Literal avalanche of Epstein memes, Project Veritas story shares, and Breitbart reports shared buries all other news story shares on Facebook by roughly 3 or 4 to 1 based on my news feed that includes over 600 friends, and a wide range of Facebook groups ranging from Occupy Democrats to The Blaze.
  • November 6, 2019:  Not one story appears in my news feed about the actual dates and times that had been announced for public impeachment hearings scheduled for next week.
  • November 6, 2019:  Trump holds rally in Louisiana focused almost entirely on the “BS Impeachment”, “the Biden’s”, and other “Democrat corruption”.  Fox News aired the entire rally in the middle of their prime time lineup, spreading it between the last portion of Tucker Carlson and the first part of Hannity, giving it the most prominent time slot for conservative viewership on cable news.


In case you cannot figure it out, I overlaid the timelines of two separate, ongoing news stories, with the Epstein timeline in black and events related to the Trump Impeachment Inquiry in red.  The other thing, aside from the specific correlation between recent news “drops” of the two otherwise, unrelated story lines, you will be able to see how many other significant events occurred over the past year or more related to Epstein, yet, it was never amplified to the point that it is being amplified now.

Much like we have been finding out, piece by piece, regarding the 2016 election, the involvement of Wiki Leaks, and specifically, the timing of the email dumps that took attention away from what should have been a campaign killing Access Hollywood video.  Of further interest, with yesterday’s opening statements of the Roger Stone trial, prosecutors have told the jury that they will show how these email dumps were coordinated through Roger Stone, directly with Donald Trump and top Trump campaign executives, including Steve Bannon.  Steve Bannon is going to be testifying in this case for the prosecution, so we will see how this plays out, but included in the opening statement was a direct email quote from Roger Stone offering assistance to Paul Manafort, to save the Trump campaign and that “it will not be pretty.”

So, here is the thing.  Most of us probably have a general understanding of what kinds of games are being played here, but may not be connecting all the dots as to exactly how it is happening.  This shows EXACTLY how it is happening.  The ongoing efforts to save Donald Trump and keep him in the White House is a well-orchestrated media campaign, coordinated with extreme precision to affect the outcome of not only Trump’s political career, but the conscious and even subconscious thinking of American voters on both sides of the aisle.  The GOP, the office of the President, the DOJ, conservative media, and a multitude of outside influencers, including the pathologist hired by the Epstein estate are a party to this sham.

Unfortunately, the fact that even people I personally know are die hard anti-Trump liberals, politically aware of most everything that is happening, are sharing and discussing these Epstein memes and stories, shows that we are ALL being played, and the only thing we can do is shed light on what is happening.  Things we should all be doing, INCLUDING my more Conservative leaning friends if you have even the slightest interest in everyone hearing the truth about what this President is doing, has done, or even not done, is make sure that the matter at hand remains at the forefront of the conversation.

  • Do NOT let yourself be distracted.
  • THINK before you share even the funniest meme you have ever scene. Half of America seems to get their “facts” from them because they can’t be bothered to read more than a paragraph.
  • Spend your time sharing REAL information, including sharing the dates, times and scheduled witnesses for next week’s public impeachment hearings…share this information 10 times a day if you have to…EVERYONE needs to see these, and let the chips fall where they may…but I cannot say it enough, people on both sides NEED to see these hearings.
  • Do not rely on other people’s interpretations of what is happening with the impeachment, and especially not just the interpretation of people who agree with you.
  • If you are a liberal, watch Fox News, read Breitbart…it may be offensive and painful for you, but learn what they are saying…get out of your personal bubble.
  • If you are a conservative, Trump supporter, watch Rachel Maddow…you can decide if you believe what she is saying or not, but expose yourself to it. You already believe whatever Hannity tells you, but you NEVER hear the other side of the story.


In the end, it is the responsibilities of ALL OF US, on both sides, to cut through the manipulation, cut through the agendas of everyone involved and go right to the source of information in real time.

Watch the witness testimony we are all going to be given the opportunity to see first-hand beginning next week, and if you have to work, use your DVR…it is THAT important.  “Bless your uninformed little heart” if you choose not to because you’ve already made up your mind, and there is no evidence that can change it, but if that is how you feel, just go away.  Literally, just go away.  Stop posting, stop talking, and stop voting because YOU are what is wrong with America.  It is people like YOU, who have enabled the very existence of this Presidency, nothing more than a media creation, and the complete hijacking of our democracy.  Get informed, stay informed, and use your brain.  We can get back to disagreeing on policy once we reclaim our country.  Those are honest, meaningful debates…but this?  THIS is the greatest long con in the history of this country.


They say if you walk into a room and you can’t identify the sucker, it’s YOU…


And lastly, I am going to publish this, and I am going to share it…and I am sure it will incite many debates on my wall and others.  I am practically begging others to share it as well, because we all need to be informed of what is really going on in America right now.  Just as important, people need to read the whole thing, so in order to avoid the usual BS that I find in debates I am engaged in, where people have not actually read the article attached to the post, I will just say 77.  If you want to debate with me, or whoever you saw share this article, and you want credibility…just type the number 77 to at least show that you took the time to read the article.  On my wall, if you can’t do that, even when I ask you to tell me you actually read what I wrote; I will likely be blocking my first friend in my 10+ years on Facebook.

None of us can afford to humor the willfully ignorant anymore.  The only thing to do with them is to ignore them and make sure their vote is trounced by 10 votes of informed people.

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